RBS 6 Nations followed by ‘FOR JOSIE’ Live & Acoustic monkey presente - 'FOR JOSIE' - Live & Acoustique

6 Nations – Ireland V Scotland – 15:00
Then we’ve got For Jose Live!
Don’t be fooled by their youthful appearance, this duo from the UK’s Southwest are the real deal. “For Josie” consists of Joe Tomkinson & Freddie Amos, two talented musicians that lay down impressive harmonies that you can catch live this Sunday from 10pm.forjosie

6 Nations – Ireland V Ecosse – 15:00

Ne vous fiez pas aux apparences, ce duo du sud ouest de l’Angleterre nomé“For Josie” vous prouvera que malgré leur jeune age, Joe Tomkinson & Freddie Amos savent parfaitement se q’ils font. Venez écouter leurs harmonies en live dimanche soir au Monkey!forjosie