Taco Tuesday taco tuesdays!

Ola – from 19h enjoy our selection of soft shell tacos (here’s this weeks line up – pulled pork, lime slaw & jalapenos / breaded haloumi & spicy spring onion jam / -jerk chicken caesar) frozen margarita pitchers, mezcal and dangerously good tequila (2 for 1 22h30 – 00h30). ARRRRIBAAAA!tacos

taco tues

taco tues back

A partir de 18h30 c’est Tacos (option veggie), pichets de Margarita glacee, tequila – surtout tequila – (2 pour 1 de 22h a 00h30). Arrrriba! Vive le piment, le sel et le citron vert! N’oubliez pas vos sombreros amigos. Hasta luego.

tacos taco tuestaco tues back