TACO TUESDAY – No Way Jose (Live) TEQUILA TUESDAY - No Way Jose (Live)

Ola! Every Tuesday we’ll be serving a selection of delicious tacos (veg options avaialable), pitchers of frozen margarita, dangerously good tequilas (Selected tequilas are 2 for 1 22h30 – 00h30). This week we have softshell tacos and the excellent No Way Jose live from 22h00. We’re very excited about the launch of Taco Tuesday so we might get a bit tequilered tonight. Hope to see you there with your sombrero on.

taco tues

taco tues back


Ce soir a partir de 18h30 c’est Tacos (option veggie!), pichets de Margarita glacee, tequila – surtout tequila – (2 pour 1 de 22h a 00h30) et que du bonheur avec NO WAY JOSE a partir de 22h00. Arrrriba! Vive le piment, le sel et le citron vert! N’oubliez pas vos sombreros amigos. Hasta luego.

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