The Big Birthday Party – BBQ & MUSIC The Big Birthday Party - BBQ & MUSIQUE

Awesomeness in store. Mister Pop and Papa Sicknote (aka Guillaume & Kes) will be on the decks for a dual/duel celebration of their birthdays. Needless to say the music is going to be b-b-b-b-banging! Get here early because the BBQ will be hot and the beer will be flowing from 18h00. Yep yep yep – it’s going to be sweeeet! Don’t forget to whip out your best bow-tie for the occasion! Bow-ties for guys, whatever takes your fancy for the chicas!image


Vendredi de qualité les poulets. Mr pop et papa SickNote vont faire chauffer les platines pour leur propre anniversaire. Autant dire qu’ils vont tout donner. Sortez vos nœuds pap’ et venez vous dandiner. Arrivez tôt parceque des 18h00 c’est barbeuc et binouse sa gogo. Oui oui oui ça va être cool.