THE (PRE) TAKE OVER with Mister Pop & Sicknote THE (PRE) TAKE OVER and Mister Pop & Sicknote

The take over is one of this winters new regular events that’s expected to gather quite a following. DJ’s Kimba, Mister Pop, Iye95 and Sicknote are the talented four that make up the “Chamfam Collective”.

Kicking off this weekend with Mister Pop & Sicknote from 21h00. If you want to dance you pants off at the garage Amneisa, you better come and get nicely lubed-up with us first.

Mister Pop & Sicknote

Here’s where to go to after we close our doors.


Nous ouvrons les festivites avec Mister Pop et Sicknote a partir de 21h00 ce Samedi! Si vous comptez vous dehancher jusqu’a pas d’heure c’est chez nous que ca se passe sans compter bien sur les prolongations au garage Amnesia!

Mister Pop & Sicknote garage